Smoky environment increase risk of high blood pressure: Study

Updated:2 weeks, 4 days ago IST

New Delhi, May 04 (ANI): A non-smoker should leave a smoky room or car until it has been cleared, suggest researchers as secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure and hypertension. "Our study in non-smokers shows that the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) is higher with longer duration of passive smoking-but even the lowest amounts are dangerous," said author, Byung Jin Kim in the details discussed in the Meeting of EuroHeartCare. Passive smoking at home or work was linked with a 13% increased risk of hypertension. Living with a smoker after age 20 was associated with a 15% greater risk. Exposure to passive smoking for ten years or more was related to a 17% increased risk of hypertension. High blood pressure is the leading global cause of premature death. Previous research has suggested a link between passive smoking and hypertension in non-smokers.

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