This test will detect if you are sleep deprived

Updated:2 months, 3 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, Sep 24 (ANI): Drowsy driving can be dangerous for both the drivers and the other people on road; it can cause accidents and crashes. In order to stop this, researchers have developed a blood test to examine whether one has skipped a night’s sleep. During this study from the Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey, 36 participants skipped one night of sleep. During the 40-hour period of sleep deprivation, blood samples were taken and changes in the expression levels of thousands of genes were measured. A machine learning algorithm identified a subset of 68 genes and with 92% accuracy could detect whether a sample was from a sleep-deprived or well-rested individual. This discovery paves the way for a future test which will be able to assess if a driver was sleep deprived. The study could help police identify drowsy drivers in road accidents, or assist employers in assessing fitness for duty. The study appeared in the journal ‘Sleep’.

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