What is more dangerous to heart, bacterial pneumonia or viral pneumonia?

Updated:3 weeks, 6 days ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 13 (ANI): A recent study has found bacterial pneumonia to be far more dangerous to the heart than viral pneumonia. The Intermountain Medical Center research was presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2018. In the study of nearly 5,000 patients, researchers found that patients diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia had a 60 per cent greater risk of a heart attack, stroke, or death than patients who had been diagnosed with viral pneumonia. The results of this study provided a clear answer, which will allow physicians to better monitor patients and focus on reducing their risk of a major adverse cardiac event. "The likely underlying cause is that bacterial pneumonia causes greater inflammation of the arteries compared to viral pneumonia," said Dr Muhlestein. When arteries become inflamed, it destabilises the layers of plaque that have built up over the years. The unstable plaque can then break loose from the artery wall and cause a blockage, which leads to a heart attack, stroke, or death. Dr Muhlestein recommends getting a flu shot, a pneumovax, practicing proper hand hygiene year-round (and especially during cold and flu season), and quitting smoking immediately.

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