5 Apps to manage your daily chores

Updated:1 year, 5 months ago IST

New Delhi, Apr 24 (ANI): In this digital age, it's hard to imagine life without assistance of your smartphone. From basic purposes such as alarm to payment of dues, everything is now possible with a touch of your fingerprint. Here are five must apps to deal with your daily chores. With busy schedule taking grasp of professionals, there is hardly any time left for them to cook food at their homes. Zomato has a huge variety of restaurants that can deliver food at your doorsteps round the clock. It's a herculean task to keep your clothes crisp and clean all the time; Laundrywala is a handy app to help you meet your need to keep you presentable all the time. Grocery shopping can be hectic sometime. To cut the never ending cue in big supermarkets, Big Basket is the app you need. Quickbooks is an app for entrepreneurs to keep a track on invoices, payments and tracking expenses at one place. Meratask is a handy app to deal with sending corporate invites, gifts documents and so much more to ease the hassle

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