Here is how you can stop third-party applications from scanning your Gmail account

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

New Delhi (India), Dec 2 (ANI): While Google is observing the safety of all emails on its widely used podium but third-party app makers may still have approach to them. The report from the Wall Street Journal said that Google still permits hundreds of software makers to scan through your Gmail inboxes and point advertisements and recommendations based on your personal details. There is a way to keep those third-party app makers at arm. You can do it easily within a few steps. Here’s how: Step 1: Google security check-up page shows the recent devices from where you can have logged into your account. Step 2: On bottom of the page click on third-party access then you’ll see a drop-down mentioning all the apps that have access to your account. Step 3: Remove access can be clicked if we want to remove that apps access to our Gmail account.

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