New tools and devices for elderly people showcased at Tokyo expo

Updated:6 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Tokyo (Japan), July 26 (ANI): Japan is currently facing big social issue known as "super-aged society" as people aged 65 years and over account for approximately 20 percent of the population. For the sake of the elderly as well as society members who are taking care of them, new ideas need to be developed to deal with this challenge. An exhibition was recently held in Tokyo which showcased comprehensive ideas, tools and devices to support people involved in the nursing care and medical care. The key words here are "home health care", "dementia", "nutrition" and "nursing care". Many of visitors are interested in learning about the latest technology in this field. In general, meals for the elderly are made to be easy to eat such as rice porridge but this could usually affect the appearance of dish itself. This newly developed meal for elderly retains nice appearance of normal food but it’s actually soft. This is Karaoke set that all generations may enjoy. Elderly can sing while exercising by following performance images on the screen. One of the difficult problems is to secure enough care workers as numbers of elderly increase. It is necessary to reduce the work burden of care workers. Some devices are developed to help make family member of the elderly family a care worker himself. This wheelchair device is installed in small type car and can be easily used with normal wheelchair. "Super-aged society" has lots of challenges and in order to deal with them, it is necessary to hear the opinion of people who are most familiar with the situation.

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