Robots serve food at this Hyderabad restaurant

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

Hyderabad, Feb 09 (ANI): The Robo Chicken restaurant in Hyderabad is gaining popularity and it is not only because of its food. The restaurant serves the food to customers through robots, which are interestingly named Beauty Serving Robot. Manikanth, owner of the Robo Chicken restaurant, speaking to ANI said, “We started the restaurant couple of days ago and the new feature in our restaurant is that robot will serve the ordered food to customers, we have named the robot as Beauty Serving Robot. We are getting good response from the customers especially from old aged people.” He added, “Our main motto is to give an attraction to the customers especially families. The Robos are working good and they need three hours charging to work for whole day. As of now there are four robots with us and in the coming days we are updating them so that the robots can interact with the customers as intelligent robots. Shaik Altaf, customer speaking to ANI said, “I have not seen a restaurant like this in Hyderabad in which robots are serving food. The experience of robots serving us food is excellent and I am planning to come here with my family so that my children will enjoy seeing the robots serving the food.”

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