Students invent ‘Speaking Glove’ for speech impaired

Updated:8 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Surat (Gujarat), Mar 21 (ANI): Three polytechnic students in Gujarat’s Surat have invented a ‘Speaking Glove’ for the speech-impaired, which would interpret hand signs and convert the message into speech through a mobile application. The inventors, Gopi, Khushali and Dhrumi, with the help of their project guide Naman Khandelwal designed this glove which can be easily used by the mute and converts gestures and signs into alphabets through a sensor based software, which later is converted into speech. The innovators have also made an android user-friendly application which works in coordination with the glove. The aim is to bridge the gap between people with hearing and speech- impaired and rest of the world by giving them a convenient platform for communication.

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