This watch is 1,000 times more accurate & will remain so for 40 million years

Updated:3 months ago IST

New Delhi, Sep 05 (ANI): Scientists in Australia have built a watch which is more accurate than any commercial system presently in use on the planet. Scientists claimed that their watch will not lose time for 40 million years. The system, called Cryogenic Sapphire Oscillator, uses 1,200-carat sapphire crystal that is cooled down to minus 267 degrees Celsius, Cnet reported. It is 1,000 times more precise than other commercial systems and ticks 10 billion times per second. The prime goal of the Sapphire Clock, which took 20 years in the making, will be to upgrade the sensitivity of radar signaling in the defence radar network. It will help improve sensitivity of the network in detecting foreign threats by air or sea by broadcasting signals which are 1,000 times purer than the radar's current technology. The scientists have been awarded the prestigious Eureka Prize for the development of the clock.

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