China-based company WaliMai develops smart label to beat counterfeiters

Updated:1 year, 2 months ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 26 (ANI): China-based company WaliMai has developed smart labels to beat the counterfeiters selling brand replicas at lower rates. These RFID-based anti-counterfeit labels are fixed to a product and indicated that the product is genuine. Counterfeiting is a big business in China creating trouble for genuine brands and buyers. From designer handbags to cosmetics, from food to medicines, these counterfeiters provide almost all kinds of products. There is 'banking-level' security inside the label that has embedded RFID chip with a re-writable memory. This formula is thought to make it virtually impossible to counterfeit. Each label is single use; and is destroyed when the product is opened. These WaliMai's smart labels will soon be used on alcohol bottles. The company hopes the technology could one day help tackle the huge global problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

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