It’s culmination of national, international reasons: Market Expert on Sensex downfall

Updated:2 years, 1 month ago

Mumbai, Aug 16 (ANI): Sensex witnessed a downfall by 200 points on August 16. Speaking to ANI, on this downfall of the market, Market Expert Sunil Shah said that it’s a culmination of both national and international reasons. Shah said, “The Sensex is down by more than 200 points, and today’s fall I will attribute to more international reasons than local, it’s a culmination of both. Fear of world going in recession and the trade war going between US and China, recession is looming because of trade war, geo political instability these are the reason the investors are feeling nervous about it. The next obvious thing is that people will not book profit unless this situation stabilizes and there is sanguine atmosphere in the world we will see this kind of roller coaster ride for equity market.”

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