Christopher Nolan explains why he is an advocate for celluloid

Updated:10 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra), Apr 1 (ANI): One of the greatest directors working in Hollywood today, Christopher Nolan is known for visual driven sci-fi movie. His films are often based on high concepts of time, thoughts, pshychology along with a dramatic element. Nolan is in India and as one of the few directors who champion the celluloid film over the new-age digital filmmaking his India trip, too, is based on saving an important medium that may soon go extinct. He termed the Indian film community as one of the largest and said, “The importance of celluloid film is a distinct medium, not as a technology replaced by digital imaging, but as a creative medium that as an artist we depend upon. I am really trying to engage filmmakers in this discussion how we can maintain, improve and continue to enjoy a celluloid photochemical analogue infrastructure for filmmaking.”

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