Dwayne Johnson memorises time when he ‘couldn’t even afford to buy a turkey’

Updated:2 months, 3 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 24 (ANI): Dwayne Johnson opened up about the time when he and his family were ‘so p*** broke’ that they couldn’t even afford a traditional turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. In an emotional post, he talked about the time when he wasn’t so fortunate and said, “Exactly 27 years ago on Thanksgiving while living in Tampa (Florida) we were so broke, that we couldn’t even afford to buy a turkey.” He later mentioned, “We were praying someone would invite us over for Thanksgiving. The universe answered our prayers because friends of ours called to say Happy Thanksgiving and we were like, ‘HAPPY THANKSGIVING WE’LL BE RIGHT OVER TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU GUYS!” “I’m weird this way, but remembering s**t like this helps me live a better and more grateful life,” 46-year-old opened up. He also revealed that this is the first time when he is away from home on Thanksgiving. “I’m quite sure I need therapy for this, but until then tequila will be on my loving & empathetic therapist.”

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