Emraan Hashmi speaks on #MeToo allegations on ‘Why Cheat India’ director

Updated:1 month ago IST

Mumbai, Jan 17 (ANI): Emraan Hashmi is all out for promoting his film ‘Why Cheat India’ which is set to release on January 18. But recently the movie has seen a lot of turbulence after the movie’s director Soumik Sen was called out for sexual misconduct by few women on social media during the #MeToo movement. Emraan Hashmi on being asked upon the issue, said, “If the allegations are true, there has to be some kind of action taken. But we do not know just as yet. This is the thing with this movement. It is a great movement. But there has to be some kind of due process. We just jump the gun and start making accusations. We understand that the accusations have been made but there has to be some kind of process for investigation.” “The allegations made by women do deserve a hearing and there has to be some process,” added Emraan.

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