Films are about dreams, magic and escapism: Christopher Nolan

Updated:10 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra), Apr 1 (ANI): Christopher Nolan has carved a niche for himself with films like ‘Memento’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘The Prestige’ and ‘Inception’. In India, he has been meeting the who’s who of the Indian film industry to discuss the importance of filming on celluloid and to promote the cause of film preservation and restoration. “This discussion has risen in the past that why somebody chose to shoot a film in something which is difficult and not digital. They (critics) speak as if filmmaking were an illogical and pragmatic thing to do. But it is not. No film is illogical or pragmatic. Films are about dreams, magic, escapism and experience. So, it is about your feeling towards the medium whether you want to work or not work that way. I am somebody who choose to shoot film in something which is difficult than shooting it digitally,” said Christopher Nolan.

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