This isn’t about film Vs digital: Christopher Nolan

Updated:10 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra), Apr 1(ANI): Hollywood director had earlier apologised to Netflix when he had said that he would never work with the digital company. To clarify his stance again he said the whole point of this conversation is to preserve a certain medium not to create a debate. “The point of this conversation was into dispelling certain myths. This rise has been a powerful, financial imperative for electronics and technology companies to try and transform the industry and that’s always been the same there’s nothing new there. What happens as a result is that you tend to get accusations that you undermine a particular medium in this case film, the accusation is more expensive or difficult so there aren’t any projectionist left,” Christopher Nolan said. “We have continued to work the same way we have been for many years. This isn’t about film versus digital. It’s about preserving this medium so that future generation film makers use it. I don’t want to repeat any of those miss conceptions because they get propagated,” he added.

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