Mathew McConaughey urges fans to wear the ‘damn mask’ amid COVID-19

Updated:7 months, 3 weeks ago

New Delhi, July 07 (ANI): Posting a short video message on Instagram, American actor Mathew McConaughey urged people to wear a mask, while stepping outside, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. "I think we gotta look each other in the eye ... look ourselves in the eye, we gotta look in the mirror and ask ourselves, 'How can I be better? How can I expect more of myself and others? How can I be more responsible?" he said in the video message. "How can I have more compassion? How can I have more courage? How can I be fairer? How do I make sure that I wear the damn mask?" the actor said as he urged his fans to wear face mask while stepping outside even as some in the US saw it against their freedom. He joins the list of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hanks who are asking their fans to start wearing masks amid the pandemic.

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