When I shared my #MeToo story I was shamed: Adhyayan Suman

Updated:3 months, 1 week ago IST

New Delhi, Oct 13 (ANI): While #MeToo movement is picking momentum in India, Adhyayan Suman posted that he also voiced his #MeToo story two years ago, but he was shamed and humiliated. Adhyayan said that he was humiliated and shamed two years ago when he shared his story and his parents were his only support during the tough phase. "A lot of people asking me to share my #metoo story..iam sorry but when I did that 2 years ago I was shamed and humiliated...my parents whom I love the most had to listen to some obscene things on National tv ..I was clearly told that a guy with a failed career doesn’t Have the right to share his pain full and dark experience." It can be recalled that two years back, Adhyayann revealed details about his relationship with Kangana Ranaut. He accused Kangana of being physically violent and shared an incident where she threw her stilettos at him. He talked about the trauma he went through during and after the relationship in that interview.

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