10-day wood carving workshop held in Agartala

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

Agartala (Tripura), Dec 06 (ANI): Agartala hosted a 10-day wood carving workshop which is a first of its kind in Tripura. The workshop helped artisans hone their skills and learn new techniques. It is organised by London based Indian Modern Art (IMA) Foundation founded by renowned artist Radha Binod Sharma. Sharma has a soft place for Tripura in his heart as he grew up here before moving to London. More than 40 artists from various parts of the world along with the local artisans and students participated in the workshop. A ten-member team from the Border Security Force (BSF) also took part in the workshop. During these ten days they not only worked together but also exchanged their views and learned from each other about the traditional and modern art forms beside the trend in global art market and which would largely benefit the local artisans. Local artists expressed their gratitude for the workshop for providing great benefit to them. The workshop provided exposure, giving space to interact with renowned artisans in this field.

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