4TH International Loinloom festival strives to revive the indigenous weaving culture

Updated:1 year, 1 month ago IST

Dimapur (Nagaland), Dec 14 (ANI): Weavers from all across the state of Nagaland came together at the 4th International Loinloom Festival organized under the aegis of Exotic Echo Regional Society that was held in the sleepy Dizephe village situated about 17 kms from Dimapur. Loinloom or backstrap weaving is a traditional textile weaving which is common to the tribal womenfolk of northeast India.Traditionally, tribal weavers of northeast use the weaving technique to make traditional dresses to cater to the demands of the locals and to make a living.The decade long history of loinloom weaving was brought back to light in the 4th International Loinloom Festival where weavers, irrespective of age, competed in a competition to see who weaved the fastest.

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