AC shelters constructed for bus passengers in Hyderabad

Updated:8 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Hyderabad, Jun 08 (ANI): To beat the heat the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has set up bus shelters for bus passengers who wait in the heat. The new bus shelters will provide various facilities like toilets for men and women, mobile charging slots and air conditioner. GHMC Commissioner Janardhan Reddy told ANI that, “The GHMC is going to construct 826 bus stop in different places out of which 30 are under grade one where people will be getting many facilities like air conditioning, men and women toilets, mobile charging slots, Wi-Fi, LED pannel displays, water dispenser, ATM, CCTV, fan. These are especially where there is maximum footfall, where it is spacious and also where maximum number of buses halts. In grade 2 there are 3 bus shelters where we will be providing dustbin, water dispenser, free men and women toilets, charging slots, free mobile Wi-Fi, fan, ticketing are provided. In grade 3 the bus shelters will have free Wi-Fi, water dispenser, toilets, clean surrounding and finally grade 4 is in small lanes and bylane's where there will be shelter to protect us from heat, wind and rain and even contains clean surroundings.”

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