Aligarh men inspiring people to rise above religious barriers

Updated:4 months ago

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), Jan 17 (ANI): Aligarh is a city in Uttar Pradesh that is often seen as an epitome of religious unity due to the harmony that exists in its multifaith society. One such example is that of a small canteen in the city where both Hindus and Muslims work together. Situated near a traffic signal in the Tasveer Mahal area, the canteen is run by Press Club in Aligarh. Saifuddin and Ramesh Chandra Sharma are employees at the canteen who collectively cook snacks and make tea for the customers. The bond of love and brotherhood between them is clearly visible and appreciated by all. It is due to people like Saifuddin and Ramesh who rise above religious lines and inspire people to live with peace and harmony.

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