Amritsar shivers as cold wave blankets the city

Updated:10 months, 1 week ago IST

Amritsar (Punjab), Dec 14 (ANI)After the India Meteorological Department said on November 30 that winter will be colder than last year but warmer than normal across the country, particularly in the northern region, the temperature in Amritsar dropped to 9.4° Celsius on Thursday. The average minimum temperature forecasted for the following week up till December 20 will be around 5.8° Celsius while the mean maximum is expected to be 19.3° C. The temperature is likely to get dropped further at the end of the month. People have been lighting bonfires to beat the cold and savouring the taste of tea to keep them warm. Condensed moisture from air can be seen in the exhaled breaths of people, adding to the foggy atmosphere. The lowest minimum temperature recorded in the month of December in Amritsar by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) last year was 3° C while the maximum was 26.6° C on December 26. This year it is expected to be colder and even more so in January.

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