Artists create over 1-km long rangoli to mark Durga puja

Updated:1 year, 1 month ago IST

Kolkata, Sep 23 (ANI): Artists in Kolkata made around one-kilometer long ‘Rangoli’, a mural made of coloured powders or flowers, to mark the nine-day-long festival of ‘Durga Puja’. Residents of the city woke up to a 1.5-km long ‘alpna’— a form of Bengali floor art— on Lake Road, touted to be the longest ‘alpna’ ever made. The floor art is a joint venture of a regional committee and leading fashion retail store Pantaloons to celebrate the festival in a unique way. According to local media reports, more than 300 students of Government Art College created the ‘alpna’ in less than 24 hours

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