Audio clips state that BS Yeddyurappa offered Rs 10 Crores per MLA: Congress

Updated:1 week ago IST

New Delhi Feb 09 (ANI): While addressing a press conference Congress leader KC Venugopal said “It (audio clips) states that BS Yeddyurappa is offering Rs 10 Crores per MLA and in his deliberation, it is clear there are 18 MLAs. Therefore it may come at the rate of around Rs 200 Crores. He is offering 12 MLAs minister post, 6 were offered chairman posts in different boards. Very sensational claim came in between that they offered Rs 50 Crores to the speaker for not disqualifying these MLAs. Clippings are referring to the names of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi ji for managing here and there through Yeddyurappa himself and his own MLAs telling Amit Shah and Narendra Modi ji will look after Supreme Court matters”.

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