Chhattisgarh assembly elections: 900 polling personnel air dropped so they reach safely, says OP Rawat

Updated:3 months ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 12 (ANI): Polling for first phase of Chhattisgarh assembly elections has begun and Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat has said that for safety of polling personnel, they have been air dropped at the polling booths. OP Rawat said, “Polling is being held in 18 constituencies of Chhattisgarh today, they are left-wing extremism (LEW) affected area. Polls are being held in two phases to provide special security in these 18 constituencies. These 18 areas are kept in first phase so that paramilitary forces remain fresh.” “Nearly 900 polling personnel have been air-dropped from helicopters so that they can reach safely. Over 16,500 polling personnel went by-road. I think all will be in a position to deliver peaceful elections,” Rawat added.

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