CM KCR lambasts Congress for shortcomings in Telangana's development

Updated:9 months ago IST

Hyderabad, Mar 15 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) lambasted and criticised the Congress Party for causing trouble for Telangana since 1956. While speaking in the Telangana assembly, CM KCR said, "In 58 years, Telangana hasn't developed. In 2001, I said Telangana has been neglected and its problems have been ignored and the main villain for Telangana was Congress Party. Jawaharlal Nehru mixed Telangana in Andhra Pradesh at that time and local Congress Party members supported him". "Every time when Telangana agitation started, Congress party spoiled it," he added. KCR strongly opposed BJP leader Kishan Reddy for fighting for liberation day.

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