Commuters face difficulties due to hike in petrol & diesel prices

Updated:1 month ago IST

Hyderabad/Patna (Bihar), Jan 11 (ANI): Commuters in cities like Hyderabad and Patna are facing inconvenience in buying petrol and diesel as skyrocketing prices have burn the hole in their pockets. Petrol price in Hyderabad has increased by Rs 0.40 and reached Rs 73.27 per litre whereas diesel reached 68.28 per litre increasing from Rs 0.32. Petrol in Patna has increased by Rs 0.21 and has reached Rs 73.45 per litre. Diesel has increased by Rs 0.14 to reach Rs 66.08 per litre. One of the commuters said that the government should fix the price.

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