COVID Omicron variant: Jharkhand Health Minister urges PM to suspend international flights

Updated:1 month, 3 weeks ago

Panaji (Goa), Nov 27 (ANI): Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta on November 27 urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to suspend international flights. This comes after the World Health Organisation on November 27 alarmed the siren among countries after a new variant of COVID-19 was classified in South Africa. “Before this variant we have seen four more other variants of COVID-19, even the country has observed the second wave and many have lost their lives. This fifth variant that is known Omicron has been detected in South Africa, Israel, Hong Kong. I urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi that within time international flights needs to be suspended and take immediate measures to be ready if such situations appear in our country,” said Banna Gupta.

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