CST building illuminated to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer

Updated:3 years ago

Mumbai, Sep 03 (ANI): Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) building was illuminated in golden colour to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer. Accesslife Assistance Foundation NGO organised cancer awareness programme in Mumbai near CST railway station. This NGO provides shelter, transportation, stay facilities along with others so that the patients can have their treatment complete properly. Families with cancer patients came here from various states to get assistance. One of the cancer patient’s father said, “When we went to Patna, the doctors there detected tumor in him. His treatment was going on but nothing was happening. Through a social worker we got to know about Accesslife. We are living there for eight months where we are provided hygienic conditions.” Girish Nayar, Founder & Chairman, Accesslife Assistance Foundation said, “We started this organisation in 2014. The cancer patients come here from different states but get no place to stay. Therefore we started a shelter programme to provide them travelling, stay and everything to complete their treatment properly.”

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