Dangal unites religions in Udhampur

Updated:5 months, 1 week ago IST

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir), Aug 13 (ANI): A unique portrayal of brotherhood among different communities was witnessed during a wrestling tournament held in an uphill hamlet of Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir. People from across the district gathered in Gudhar locality to see the wrestling matches and nurture the bond of camaraderie between the two major religions of India. Grappling opponent by neck and tangle his legs to pin him down to mud was the only thought the Hindu and Muslim wrestlers had when they were muscling each other during a wrestling tournament held in Gudhar, a hamlet situated in Udhampur district. They were not waging animosities but stimulating a sense of sportsmanship and fraternity among the two major communities residing in the village. Wrestling, popularly known as ‘Dangal’ is one of the ancient sports practiced since ages in India. Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt, Sakshi Malik are the top few names among plenty of talented wrestlers who have universalised the sport. More than a wrestling tournament, it is an annual festival for the village where all Hindus and Muslims gather to enjoy ‘Dangal’, and discuss development agendas pertaining to societal development of the village. Amid loud cheers from spectators, the disparities subside and joy of unity takes over. Sports have always been a great medium of nurturing brotherhood, fraternity and diluting all differences between communities, religions and casts.

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