Defence experts accuse Hurriyat of possessing ‘double standards’

Updated:1 year ago IST

Jammu, Jan 15 (ANI): Commenting upon the recent injury sustained by a child during ceasefire violation in Poonch, defence experts criticised the Hurriyat Conference for possessing ‘double standards’ and promoting pro-Pakistan ideology. Cornering the Hurriyat Conference, Defence Expert Anil Gupta said the Hurriyat leaders are not concerned about the lives of Kashmiris, but only involve in promoting pro-Pakistan lobby. He added that Hurriyat leaders call for shutdown if a Pakistani terrorist is gunned down, however, they keep quiet whenever a civilian is killed. Balram Saini, another Defence Expert, accused Hurriyat leaders of possessing ‘double standards’ and speaking in favour of Pakistan. Another Defence Expert Anil Bhat reiterated similar sentiments and said the Hurriyat only preaches of militancy and separatism. A 13-year-old boy suffered critical injuries on Saturday in mortar shelling from neighbouring country. A man was also injured when the shell went off.

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