Demonetisation : Former finance minister Chidambaram unleashes Twitter attack on Modi Govt.

Updated:11 months, 2 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 12 (ANI): Just four days after the anniversary of demonetisation, former finance minister P. Chidambaram slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Government on the move by lashing series of tweets on his Twitter handle on Saturday. Terming the Centre's move "thoughtless," the senior Congress leader wrote: "A year after demonetisation, every justification trotted out for that decision has been rebutted and ridiculed." "One year later we are told that out of the Rs 15,28,000 crore (by value, of demonetised currency notes) that was returned to the RBI, there was only Rs 41 crore, by value, of fake currency!." "Hence, demonetisation was not the answer to fake Indian currency notes (FICN)." "Despite demonetisation, corruption thrives. Bribe givers and bribe takers are being caught regularly, often red-handed." "As far as black money is concerned, income that is taxable is generated every day, a portion of that income escapes tax and is used for various purposes — such as giving bribes, funding elections, paying capitation fees, betting, hiring casual labour etc." "Demonetisation was a thoughtless and rash decision that turned out to be a colossal mistake and imposed a huge cost in terms of denting economic growth and heaping misery on millions of ordinary people." "No elected government in a democracy has the right to inflict unbearable hardship and misery upon the people. In one of his works, Hippocrates said, "Do no harm"." Earlier, the former finance minister said that natural calamity could not heap as much misery as the note ban did.

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