Devotees in India celebrate Buddhist festival by offering robes to monks

Updated:3 weeks, 4 days ago IST

Bodhgaya (Bihar)/ Agartala (Tripura), Nov 19 (ANI): Buddhist devotees in parts of eastern and north-eastern India celebrated 'Kathin Chibor Daan', a Buddhist festival by offering robes and other items to monks. 'Kathin Chibor Daan' or "offering robe" - is an annual Buddhist festival during which devotees offer different items to wanderer monks, including clothes woven on their own looms. 'Chibor' is the robe that Buddhist monks wear. Devotees in Bodhgaya took out a procession while in Agartala devotees offered prayers at a temple and tied items including books, pens, currency and holy threads on trees with strings to pray for their wishes to be fulfilled on the occasion. The festival is held within a month after the full moon night in the Hindu month of Ashwin. It also marks the conclusion of a seclusion period for monks who meditate for three months.

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