Difference of opinion between judges, the matter has been referred to larger bench: Delhi govt representative

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

New Delhi Feb 14 (ANI): The Supreme Court today pronounced its verdict to settle the dispute between Centre and Delhi government over the issue of appointments and transfer of bureaucrats. Reacting on the judgment, Delhi Government’s Lawyer, Rahul Mehra said, “Honourable Supreme Court headed by Justice AK Sikri’s bench differed in their opinion, the constitutional bench judgment very clearly mandated that its only an entry 1 ,2 and 18 police land and public order which actually falls within the exclusive domain of the center, and everything else in the list 2 and 3 the state and the concurrent list falls within the domain of the state Government however, Justice Ashok Bhushan differed with the opinion of Justice Sikri and stated that entry 41 does not lie within the exclusive domain of the state it actually lie within the domain of the central government, the matter has now been referred to the larger bench on this issue”. Now it seems that the rift between Delhi government and central government will continue, but as of now Delhi Government will not be able to interfere into matters of central government officials therefore it’s a setback for Delhi government.

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