Doctor treats poor, underprivileged for free in Pune

Updated:6 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Pune (Maharashtra), May 26 (ANI): In a unique feat, a doctor in Maharashtra’s Pune is treating the poor and underprivileged people for free to help them leave the begging trade and change their lives by working and earning for themselves. Going unconventionally, Abhijeet Sonavne regularly visits temples and mosques and instead of praying he looks for beggars outside. He provides them with free check-ups and medicines. He even rush them to hospitals if need be. On his unique feat Abhijeet Sonavne said, “Everyday, I go to each temple and mosque and I every day go and check all the beggars and I try to provide all the medical services to these beggars. My basic aim is not to provide medical services. Provision of medical services is just a road to reach to their heart and my basic aim and motive is that they should work and they should not continue the begging trade.”

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