Employees of all religion start their day with National Anthem in this textile mill

Updated:8 months, 1 week ago IST

Surat (Gujarat), May 14 (ANI): The working day for the employees of Laxmipati Mill in Surat city has begun, all the employees have fall in lines, maintaining complete decorum. On the signal from a security officer of the mill, all 2500 employees in unison start singing the National Anthem of India. Leaving their caste, creed, and religion behind, filled with an air of nationalism, it is a daily routine for them before they start working on the first consignment of the day. Earlier, there was a practice in the mill to sing national anthem only on republic day and Independence day, but on the insistence of several employees, it became a daily ritual in the mill. Employees here believe that daily recitation of National Anthem ensues oneness and helps them accomplish their task of the day with new enthusiasm. Effacing all the differences among themselves whether, one is Hindu, Muslim or belonging to any race, the employees work relentlessly to roll out elegantly printed Sarees from the mill. Every word of the National anthem is engraved in the minds and hearts of employees of this workplace. After over a year of regular recitation of National Anthem every morning, the workers here feel they are Indians before any other religious diversification.

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