Ernakulam old railway station to get facelift after almost 30 years

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

Kochi (Kerala), Dec 08 (ANI): The railway station where the first train arrived in Kochi is waiting to regain its glorious stature. The Ernakulam old railway station is fighting all odds to become relevant in the modern times. The renovation works along the stretch from Pachalam to the old railway station will begin soon. The 100-year-old railway tracks are buried under mud and waste. Soil, debris and waste clearance have already been conducted in small parts at the railway station. Ernakulam Old Railway Station Vikasana Samithi, Residence Association Coordination Council and other such organisations came together to push for renovation here. These organisations had taken out agitations earlier for the renovation and restoration of the Ernakulam old railway station. Representatives of the agitating organisations claimed that the current government had promised a budget for the renovation, but did not stand true to its promises. They pledged to make the old railway station functional again to reduce the traffic congestion in Kochi. The Ernakulam old railway station occupies 42 acres of land and has an impactful history. Maharaja of Cochin, Rama Varma XV had built the station back in 1902. This is the same station from where Mahatma Gandhi, Viceroy Lord Irwin and other leaders of that time was hosted when they came to Kerala. The railway station shut down operations in 1990.

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