Everything is calm in Jaipur, says JLF organiser on ‘Padmaavat’ protest

Updated:10 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan), Jan 25 (ANI): Amid the ongoing protest against the controversial movie ‘Padmaavat’, organiser of the Jaipur Literature Festival has cleared that everything is calm and there would not be any law and order problem in Jaipur. On the violent incidents taking place across the country he said that whoever will take law in his hands, it would create a chaos. He added the Jaipur Commissionerate is above all the security aspects and feels that there will be no issue whatsoever. Assuring that nothing would go wrong during the Jaipur Literature Festival, Roy said that police have all their forces deployed and there is calm all over in Jaipur.

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