This footwear brand brings you collections exclusively by Yerwada jail’s inmates!

Updated:3 years, 2 months ago

Pune (Maharashtra), May 17 (ANI): Yerwada prison in Pune, which is hailed as the largest jail in the state of Maharashtra is now becoming famous for all the right reasons. Leather businessman Divej Mehta is changing the face of the prison, as he has introduced a footwear brand in the name of 'Inmate', with chappals exclusively made by the prisoners of Yerwada prison. About 65 inmates are working for this leather footwear brand project. Apart from the government’s fixed daily wages, they are being provided extra amount for the work from the brand’s owner. Divej Mehta said, “Making them (prisoners) mentally stable was the biggest task we had and then to make them work was a little tough. It took us 6 months, but now they are doing very well.”

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