Foreign national arrested with 100 gms of cocaine in Hyderabad

Updated:6 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Hyderabad, Sep 02 (ANI): A Nigerian national was arrested after the State Task Force (STF) detected a case of illegal possession and transportation of cocaine by him in Hyderabad. The STF also seized 100 gms of cocaine from him along with Rs1,00,500, the amount he received on the sale of cocaine. Hari Kishan Singh, Assistant Excise Superintendent, STF, said, “We conducted a route watch during which we detained one person. After searching him we found 100 grams of cocaine. After searching his house we recovered bail papers. He was arrested earlier also in a cocaine case in Bengaluru. We also seized Rs 1,05,000 cash from him and further investigation is underway.”

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