Former rebels expose nefarious ploy of Naxals

Updated:4 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Malkangiri (Odisha), Jul 21 (ANI): Naxals have for years been indoctrinating, recruiting and subsequently using the gullible tribals as cannon fodder in order to create mayhem and take on the security forces in Malkangiri district of Odisha. Their modus operandi has been to sympathise with the plights of tribals, express solidarity with them and exploit their emotions to wage a war against the establishment to achieve their diabolic agenda. However, their nefarious designs have been exposed by the tribals who after getting disenchanted with the left-radical ideology not only abandoned their cadres but also surrendered to the police.After renouncing the left-rebel territory, many have come out and openly condemned Naxals, calling them mere rebel-rousers exploiting vulnerable poor tribals. While recalling his stint with the dreadful criminals, Vinayak said that women, who were recruited on the pretext of a movement, were being meted out with further subjugation in Naxal camps and were being given the duties of daily chores.It is high time Naxals drop their weapons and join the mainstream as the kind of successful strides that the security forces are taking in recent times, a complete Naxal-elimination is just a matter of time.

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