Gujarat’s Dhaj village emerged as country’s 1st eco-village

Updated:1 month ago IST

Surat (Gujarat), Feb 23 (ANI): Dhaj village which is situated in the forest area of Gujarat’s Surat city has emerged as the first Eco-village of the country. This village is about 70 kms far from Surat. The village uses all natural resources to live their lives such as solar panels for electricity, biogas plants, water tanks to collect rain water etc. The main aim of this eco village is to help the villagers who are Adivasis and to develop their village and maintain the same with lesser costs. This village has been developed with the joint efforts of Gujarat Ecology Commission, Forest and Environment Department of the state. The villagers are being taught how to use lesser water and cultivate the crops by drip irrigation method, using hybrid seeds for good crops, using eco pesticides so that the environment is not damaged, using biogas, Gobar gas, solar power and led lights so that a sustainable development took place in the village. Rain water storage tanks have also been installed for the houses of the village where around 400 people reside. To make Dhaj, a model village the state and central government are working on various schemes. State Government wants to make this village a model village for rest of the country so that all other villagers and villages could follow the same footsteps and make their village an eco village.

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