Gurugram Municipal Corporation installs machines to deposit plastic bottles for recycling

Updated:3 weeks, 2 days ago IST

Gurugram (Haryana), Sep 21 (ANI): The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram has installed two machines in the city to deposit plastic bottles for recycling. In the machine, people can drop the waste item and can also get incentives like coupons of Paytm. Single-use plastics are often referred to as disposal items that are used for packaging and include items intended for use only once. While speaking to ANI, Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, Amit Khatri said, “In exchange of plastic waste, people to be given incentives like Paytm coupons.” “Our aim is to avoid use of single use plastic,” he added. The Centre gave advisory to the states to ban production of certain kinds of articles of single-use plastic before October 02. The deadline was set by the Prime Minister for the citizens to give up single-use plastic. The most common single-use plastics found are carry bags, drinking bottles, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, plastic sachets etc.

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