Happy that #MeToo campaign started in India: Maneka Gandhi

Updated:4 months, 1 week ago IST

New Delhi, Oct 08 (ANI): Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi met four women Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in New Delhi on Monday. The minister met the DCPs over the issue of begging by children on streets. She also chalked out strategies with the DCPs to solve the issue. She took the opportunity to talk about the budding ‘Me Too’ campaign. Speaking on sexual harassment against women and the ‘Me Too’ campaign, the Union Minister said, “Now a ‘Me Too’ campaign has started and I’m very happy that it has started. I hope it won’t go out of control in the sense that we target people who’ve offended us in some way. But I think women are responsible and anger at sexual molestation never goes away.” She further said, “You’ll always remember the person who did it which is why, we’ve written to Law Ministry that complaints should be without any time limit. You can now complain 10-15 years later doesn’t matter how much later. If you’re going to complain the avenue is still open.”

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