Hindu-Muslims in Deoria district embark Kanwar pilgrimage together

Updated:5 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Deoria (UP), Aug 07 (ANI): Nizam Ansari, who was unanimously voted as Pradhan in a Hindu majoritarian village, has become a harbinger of communal harmony by organizing this pilgrimage, all on his own expenses. By organizing such multi religious events, the people of this village set an illustrious precedent of harmonious coexistence amid diversity in India. The season of Kanwar pilgrimage has started. Popular across the northern plains, the pilgrimage to Haridwar is among India’s largest religious gatherings. During the pilgrimage, millions of devotees throng Haridwar to fetch holy water of river Ganga in their ‘Kavad’, a single pole with two roughly equal containers fastened on either ends. They carry the ‘Kavads’ back to their local Shiva temple to offer holy water on revered ‘Shiva lingam’. Every year along with multitude of pilgrims making their way to the banks of river Ganga, Hindus and Muslims residing in Khushhari village of Deoria district too brace themselves up to take a long and arduous journey.

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