Hindu shopkeeper makes delicacies for Ramadan festival in Aligarh

Updated:8 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Aligarh (UP), May 28 (ANI): As the pious month of Ramzan begins, Hindus in Aligarh are delighted and the excitement is evident in the streets with people buying delicacies set for the festival. A shop “Maharaja Shudh Sutpheni” owned and run by Bhupal Dev Varshney, has a name in the markets of Aligarh for providing the best ‘Sutpheni’ to his Muslim brothers. It displays a hindu’s tremendous love and affection towards his Muslim brothers who are fasting for the month of Ramzan. This showcases the spirit of communal harmony along with depicting unity among different faiths. While preparing these delicacies, the craftsmen take due care of cleanliness as they deep fry dry vermicelli and Pheni. Bhupal ensures that his delicacies are appetizing and therefore people from faraway places come to his shop. This shop provides varieties of Pheni and Vermicelli and Hindus here are enthusiastic in contributing their bit towards Muslims in this holy month of fasting. It certainly proves that religious observances do not limit the aspirations of people coming from different faiths to live in unity and harmony. This is an untold understanding between the several faiths practiced in this culturally vibrant nation, where love and respect for all the religions fosters at every nook and corner of the country. People like Bhupal help us believe in this wonderful unity in diversity of our country.

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