Horticulture booms in Jammu

Updated:4 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Jammu, Jul 16 (ANI): Horticulture is booming in Jammu owing to the active participation of the horticulture department and its many schemes. These schemes benefit farmers directly from the central Government. Many farmers shifted to horticulture from traditional farming because of its more profitable nature. Kashmir is better known for horticulture activities, but Jammu is also matching up to their status with the horticulture department’s efforts. Huge orchids have come up in the region with different subsidies from the Government. Mango orchards are a hit in the region. Many farmers have set up these orchards and are happy with the outcome. Horticulture department regularly guides farmers about the variety they should plant and how to manage them. Horticulture department also helps in marketing the product.

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