How will Congress react if someone puts up cartoon of Rahul Gandhi, asks Owaisi

Updated:1 month, 4 weeks ago IST

Hyderabad, Jan 24 (ANI): While talking to ANI about Priyanka Gandhi being appointed as General Secretary for the upcoming elections, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi said, “Want to ask Congress, how will you react if someone puts up a cartoon of Sri Sri 50-year-old Rahul Gandhi or new General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi? Congress was badly trounced in Telangana and now they resort to such cartoons, this is beyond the limit of decency”. Earlier, a banner was put up during Congress protest against the 'failure of Election Commission in Telangana' that depicts a women (resembling Tenagana) whose dress was being removed by Owaisi and CM Chandrashekar Rao.

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