Hurriyat shouldn't consider me an alien: Satyapal Malik

Updated:1 month ago IST

Jammu, Jan 16 (ANI): “Hurriyat should not consider me an alien,” said Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik on Wednesday. Speaking to ANI, Malik said Hurriyat must approach him directly with matters pertaining to atrocities and injustice to the common man if they come across any such situation. "As I am available to a common man, I am also available for Hurriyat. If some incident takes place regarding atrocities on residents here, I will with my full forces make efforts to deliver justice. I respect the senior leaders of the Hurriyats and will treat them the way I am treating the common man," he said. However, he made it clear that his discussions with the Hurriyat will not be a political one. He said, "Discussions with the Hurriyat cannot be termed as political. Being the Governor, I do not have the powers to hold political discussions with them. Only the Centre has the authority to do so."

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